Gólcz and Sons is familly held company with traditions, established in 1989 in Białośliwie by Mieczysław Gólcz. Beginnings were typical – todays president started the company with only one lorry, being a boss and a driver in the same time. Survival on the market he accomplished by being reliable, thrifty and having ability to take right policy decisions.

Now a days companies mission work is supported by his two sons – Sebastian and Marek and company achievements are visible with the naked eye. Impressive, latest model fleet and a new opened branch with modern workshop in place called Grabównie, only proves continues company growth.
G&S team takes care of every detail. This work precision is a foundation for our succes and results in high quality and economical serviceability.

Operates with perfect precision


International transport

Semi-mega and cold

Double crew of drivers

Low Emissions

low fuel consumption

modern and ecological solutions